• Access Control System Planning & Design
  • Automatic Vehicle Location & Tracking
  • Border Security
  • Building Security
  • Cargo Security
  • Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence
  • Counter Intelligence & Counter Terrorism Strategic Planning
  • Electronic Security Consulting & Design
  • Emergency Preparedness, Response, Evacuation & Recovery
  • Industrial Security
  • Intrusion Detection Planning & Design
  • Law Enforcement Security
  • Major Event Security Planning
  • Military and Defense Security
  • Physical Security Risk assessments
  • Port Security
  • Program Planning, Implementation & Oversight
  • Rail and Subway Security
  • Transportation Planning, Safety & Security
  • Vehicle/Pedestrian Screening Areas
  • VIP Security

Major Sporting Events

Major sporting events such as the Olympic Games, this month's 2010 Football World Cup and the 2010 October Commonwealth Games in Delhi present serious security challenges. As well as taking place in large, complex and dispersed locations, such events attract a range of criminal activities: terrorism or direct action groups try to make a statement in front of a global television audience, while organized and petty criminals attempt to cash-in on the influx of spectators, VIPs and corporate hospitality guests. Host nations and governing bodies, meanwhile, are constrained in their planning by the need for the event to run smoothly and efficiently, their reputation depends on it.